Why advertise with us?

Malta Music Chart is the most fair, unbiased and sought after website on the Maltese Island when it comes to the local pop culture, talent and music scene.
The site carries the chart rankings using a community driven system and also a live feed by DJs at various radio stations. The rankings in our chart are true and shows who/which artist or band is trending most and works according to public demand.
The site is consistently updated daily with news, events (coming soon) and obviously the Music Chart.
Advertisements are placed in the most key locations of the website, such as the Voting Page and The Chart page.
Below you may find all Contact Details should you wish to proceed with your order.

Banners and Pricing.

Slot: Top Leaderboard
Size: 700px x 90px
Cost: € 60 / week

Slot: Right Sidebar Boxes
Size: 200px × 200px
Cost: € 40 / week

Terms and Conditions

Rates are per week and exclude 18% VAT. Rates indicate 10% occupancy in each advertising slot. Occupancy of advertising slots is provided at a minimum of 10%.

Clients accept that the Malta Music Chart does not give any guarantee of date of insertion or against error or omission of advertisements.
No liability is accepted for loss or damage caused by an error or inaccuracy in the presentation of the advertising media. Any stipulation or conditions applying to an order must be clearly incorporated in written instructions to be approved by the Malta Music Chart. The Malta Music Chart reserves the right to refuse, cancel, omit or suspend any booked adverts. All copy and/or media is subject to approval of The Malta Music Chart’s Management.
All copy and/or artworks shall be delivered within five working days prior to campaign start date. The placing of an order or contract will be deemed an acceptance of these conditions and no stipulation or condition which conflicts with them will be deemed part of the order unless accepted by the Malta Music Chart in writing.
A fee of 15% will be charged on cancellation of an advert or insertion and a five working day notice must be given in writing for a said campaign to be cancelled.
The Malta Music Chart reserves the right to adjust its advertising rates at any time during the course of the year.